New Songs

I’m recording & mixing a batch of new songs.

I’ve really gotten into production techniques and gear, and it’s taking a while…

Here are titles of some of the songs:

  1. Can We Still?
  2. Ms. Machu Picchu
  3. The Distance
  4. A Great Game
  5. Day by Day & Night by Night
  6. In My Old Sneakers
  7. Coincidencia Oppositorum
  8. Those Three v.3
  9. Siasong
  10. She and Her Tea
  11. The Littlest Things
  12. The Public Eye
  13. A New Evolution

Song for Japan Relief

I’m also working on a song I’d like to put out as a benefit for Japan. I was an ESL teacher in Japan in a seaside town in the early 90′s and was very saddened by what happened.

The song is called: “Calling Kin, Rising Sun”

Hopefully ready soon.

Photo from this article in National Geographic.